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4 Reasons Why Millennials Crush it in Healthcare Sales

Updated: May 16, 2019

Millennials get a bad rap.

But the Baby Boomers who trash Millennials, hate their jobs and are exhausted from overwork. No wonder they’re miserable!

Sure, most adults ages 18 to 34 played on t-ball teams where everyone got a trophy and grew up being praised by adults for every move they made.

But all that’s in the past now that they’ve have reached adulthood. Millennials have mortgages, car payments, spouses, and kids of their own!

As it turns out, Millennials now make up one-third of the American workforce.

The thing is, most Millennials aren’t satisfied at traditional companies with 9-to-5 hours and little flexibility. That’s why a job in Healthcare Sales is a great career for this generation.

Here are four reasons why Millennials love and excel at a Healthcare Sales Representative job:

Millennials crave balance. Most Millennials spent their first years of adulthood in college, enjoying some downtime (and partying, of course) before entering the workforce. During this time, they learn that working yourself into the ground only results in burnout and a negative attitude about your job and life.

Work-life balance leads to happiness. And happiness results in a 12% spike in productivity, according to this study. Healthcare Sales is the ultimate career for workers seeking balance. You can make your own hours, work remotely, and take some time off when necessary.

Millennials understand todays healthcare buyer. Today’s buyers (doctors using your drug, surgeons using your device or administrators buying your technology are “buyers”) are empowered with unlimited information. They are more connected than ever through mobile platforms and social networks. Before they buy a product, they research the salesperson, the company and product reviews online. They communicate through mobile devices and they don’t want to wait hours for a response.

Modern healthcare buyers want convenience, efficiency, and to be treated as a partner. Millennials understand the buying cycle and the needs of modern buyers because they aremodern healthcare buyers. This understanding helps Millennials achieve fast success in the healthcare sales field.

Millennials respond well to feedback. Remember that stuff about the t-ball trophies and constant praise? Millennials also grew up craving feedback about their performance. The cost to train and entry-level pharmaceutical sale representative is $18,300 according to this article. That’s what a company spends before you ever bring in one dollar in sales. District Sales Managers offer plenty of critique on what’s working and where reps can improve – exactly what Millennials crave. Room for advancement. Healthcare companies are prominent on the current Fortune 500 list. On top of that, healthcare sales make up about 18 percent of the GDP. There is plenty of room for advancement in this industry, and a Healthcare Sales Representatives is in a great position to move up.

This is exactly what Millennials are after – this generation is not filled with people who will be satisfied working the same job until retirement. A career in sales provides experience from a customer’s perspective and exposure to multiple departments in the company. This work experience comes in handy when Millennials are ready to move up or out of a company.

Oh and here’s an added bonus

Healthcare Sales people typically make more money than any other part of the organization with similar educational background. They also make more money than their peers in different industries.

Money, freedom, recognition from a rewarding career – sounds pretty sweet, right?  No wonder Millennials crush it!

If you want to learn more about how you can break into Healthcare Sales, check this out.

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