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Our No Obligation Solution to Your Anti-Aging Needs


Telo-Revers Anti-Aging Medical Laboratory is a pioneer in Anti-Aging Medicine.

We believe not only in our Made In The USA cGMP and FDA overseen product lines created by Certified Anti-Aging Practitioners but also in the concept of "Wellness For All" and that Aging is not inevitable. Because of this we empower providers who would otherwise be unable to share

anti-aging medicine with their patients through our Practitioner Affiliate Wellness Program.

  Our Affiliate Wellness Program allows you to offer consultation services, place our products on your website, and expand your level of patient care. By using our provider portal to place patient orders you offer a direct line of care between the patient and your clinic and give them the opportunity to purchase the highest quality Anti-Aging Products directly from the manufacturer and allows ease tracking of your patient sales. 


Are You A Patient?

Telo-Revers Anti-Aging Medical Laboratory strives to provide only the highest level of Patient Care. Because of this our products are available strictly through one of our trained provider offices.
Please Use Our Provider Locator to Find a Licensed Office near You!
For More information on Our Products check out our Patient Information Webpage

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